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Diamond Education

Born of the Earth, each diamond has been masterfully crafted over millions of years by natures wrath. Truly, a diamond is a miracle of nature.

We at Hunter Valley Diamonds understand that purchasing a diamond is a very special occasion and can only be enhanced by our customers understanding more about diamonds.

Each diamond is unique and classified by the 4 C’s




Diamonds also come in a variety of Shapes.





The fifth C is the most important when buying a diamond. You should always make sure your diamond comes with a Certification from a highly reputable lab.

At Hunter Valley Diamonds we only provide certified diamonds. Diamond certification is your assurance that your getting what your paying for. Certification means that each diamond has been tested and graded by an internationally recognised laboratory. We recommend HRD (Antwerp), GIA (New York) and DCLA (Sydney). For more information on Diamond certification click on our links to each laboratory at the bottom of our page.

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