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The Eternity Ring

When Is The Right Time For An Eternity Ring?

This is a question that we are often asked.
Today there is a lot of confusion about whether you receive your eternity ring to celebrate a special wedding anniversary or alternatively the birth of your first child.
Here at Hunter Valley Diamonds we believe that each piece we create for our clients holds significant meaning and these two milestones are not only completely different but should be celebrated with individual pieces

 The Eternity Ring and
 The HVD Mother’s Love Ring

The Eternity Ring

The Eternity ring is a ring given at a significant time in your lives to symbolise your continued love and re-commitment to each other. It can be a stand alone ring or one that is created to match your engagement ring and wedding band set.

Traditionally, the 60th wedding
anniversary is the diamond anniversary
but, if you don’t want to wait six decades
for your eternity ring, the 10th wedding anniversary is becoming more popular.

Eternity rings immortalise love and everything it can endure, and acts as a reminder of cherished moments in a

couple’s life together. After 10 years of marriage it’s nice to have this little reminder of love and recommitment to each other. This is made even more special by the presentation of the ring in the form of a second proposal and renewing of vows. The eternity ring dates back to Ancient Egypt but in the 1960’s when Debeers first marketed the eternity ring they aimed it at married men with the slogan, ‘She married you for richer or poorer, let her know how its going’ Here at Hunter Valley Diamonds we prefer

WB2.jpgto see the eternity ring as

‘I loved you then, and I love you even more today’